Requiem for Hooters of Boise


Hooters of Boise closed without warning on Monday, November 25, 2013. It was a sad day for me and my beloved Hooters girls and the other Hooters employees. There had been rumors that Hooters of Boise was closing, and there had been denials. An article in The Idaho Statesman reported that the location of the Hooters
store was to be purchased by Chic-fil-A. Apparently, Hooters would cease
operations in Boise, Idaho. Hooters of Boise management denied the restaurant was
closing on the Hooters of Boise Facebook fan page, and they confirmed to me in person that the store would remain open.

On a recent visit, a Hooters girl told me that the owners stated in an email that they would sell the current location to Chi-fil-A for $6.5 million, then build a new Hooters in nearby Meridian. I was reassured by this report. The Idaho Statesman had told only half the story. The owners were selling the current Hooters location only to start anew at another local site. Hooters of Boise would live. My favorite restaurant and its lovely Hooters girls would be here for me to enjoy for as long as I wanted.

On Monday, the hammer fell. I logged onto Facebook, and saw a post on the Hooters of Boise Facebook fan page that announced my beloved Hooters was closed. There was mention of a search for a new location, but this was denied in subsequent comments. “We were lied to” was a comment made by a now former manager. The owners had mislead everyone from management on down about their intentions by misrepresenting that Hooters would be resurrected at a new local site. The owners didn’t want to reveal their plan to cease operating a local Hooters, because they didn’t want employees to quit and customers to stop coming until the fate of Hooters of Boise was sealed. Monday, November 25, 2013 was a heartless day of infamy. Hooters of Boise employees lost their jobs without warning three days before Thanksgiving, and were given no severance package.

I am left bereft. Hooters to me was more than a place to eat chicken wings and curly fries. I was a Hooters regular for over three years. I got to know many of the young women who worked there quite well. They were pretty ladies, yes, but I got to know them as people. Besides serving me food, they would sit and talk with me. These girls were my friends. They gave me hugs. I enjoyed our talks and the comfort of their companionship. And when I walked into Hooters, I was treated as a celebrity.

My friendships with the Hooters girls were cultivated over months and years. These relationships were very precious to me, and now the arena in which they were cultivated and maintained is gone. My visits to Hooters were no casual affair. They provided relief from the monotony of my job. They helped me get through many boring, tedious weeks. I loved some of these Hooters girls. I still do. Now, the door to Hooters has been slammed in my face, and I may never see my Hooters girls again and converse with them as I once did. No other place can offer me what I enjoyed at Hooters. I cannot stroll into another establishment and resurrect what I enjoyed there.

I going to miss you, Hooters girls. Thanks for all you gave me. You were so very awesome.

Carl Norman
Nampa, Idaho

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